Ma belle amie c’est la vie!

« My beautiful friend is the Life! »

This is a comparatively recent drawing (click here to see the original work) that I produced during my graphic design course at the university. It is called “a hand drawn type”, A4 paper and black ink pencils were involved, but this work is not the main topic of my first post, it just nicely fits in with the weather today: rainy, a little gloomy and extremely wet.

WET, that’s right, especially when a day begins with sunshine and a promise of extremely good weather, yet in a couple of hours you experience a total turnover of it, and the worst part is that you need to cycle back home. And, thanks to Murphy’s Law, you don’t happen to have a jacket with a hood or, at least, an umbrella (though, it’d be the last but one thing to wish to have when you’re riding a bike. I’m not a trained acrobat yet!). So, you’re finally cycling, getting wetter and more somber with every minute that slips by in this green and soaking hell of Kouvola, Finland (for a moment I truly felt myself an inhabitant of Forks. Where are my vampires and werewolves then? -*reference to ‘Twilight’)… and suddenly it all changes! Light tunes of Fabrice Mauss’ song ‘C’est la vie’ change my perception of the world. Magic! And I end up singing in the rain and actually enjoying it! And gloomy Finnish people were staring at me (BTW, it was lots of fun to watch them back :D).

And this is life; it’s not so bad after all. Whatever happens in your life, it’s only your attitude that is important. So let’s be positive about things and look at their bright side. At least, it will do no harm… for a while 😉


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