New designers = New ideas

This site was a part of a web-design course held at Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences (Kouvola, Finland), so I wasn’t the only one who started creating my online portfolio. I would like to provide you with several links to wordpress websites of my fellow students who I’ve been studying along with already for 2 years. They are all unique and amazing people with their own way of thinking and solving design problems. And I believe that it’s always worth checking out works of new designers because they might see things from a whole new angle. While their works aren’t commercialized, they’re boosting with their owners’ personalities which is fascinating.

So, there’s a list:

Malin Beckman – a Swedish gal who hopes to combine her bouquet tying skills and design in the future

Linus Kagali – a Tanzanian guy who’s spent almost a decade living in Finland and working on development of his skills as an artist, designer, and photographer

Anni Kylmälä – a Finnish designer to be, photographer and a future fashionista

Markus Heikkilä – a promising Finnish industrial designer ‘with an interest towards human interfacing’

Juliana Tuhkanen – an ambitious Finnish gal with a huge interest in industrial and concept design

That’s all for now. I might add some more links when the rest of my classmates finish their online portfolios.



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