'I embody seriousness and fun at the same time' (I had to comment on it, otherwise it may be hard to get it)“Mieux vaut regretter ce qu’on a fait que regretter de ne pas l’avoir fait.” (It’s better to regret having done something than regret not having done it) – this is my motto, and, yes, I’m obsessed with the French language.

So, let me introduce myself: my name is Olga Nayanova and, being a 19-year-old Russian girl, Ive just finished my second year of undergraduate studies at a Finnish University of Applied Sciences that is situated in a town called Kouvola and, by the way, is named Kymenlaakso UAS.

And what do I study there? As you might have guessed it is design. But then there’s a logical question: what kind of design is it? Well, this is what I’m still trying to understand. So far I have found out that I am being attracted to photography, graphic design, typography, and everything else that is related to visual communications.

How did I get there? It all started when I was a little girl and my parents bought me my first color pencils and paper. I remember that I positively surprised them when I presented 2 drawings to them: one was of a vase with tulips and another was of my toy Mr Duck. This was when my parents decided to send me to an art school, where I’ve spent 8 years of my life. I’ve even gotten a certificate! During those years I learnt the basics of drawing and painting, tested several techniques, made my head think in a more or less creative way, and I also developed my sense of composition, balance, and colors. During my last year at high school, I began to attend architectural drawing and composition courses at Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. This helped me to boost my skills in perspective drawing and shading, as well as it helped understand better a world of 3D objects and their relations.

Finally, after having successfully passed the entrance examination at Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences and being admitted, I started my way to a degree as a bachelor of culture and arts in Kouvola, Finland. By the way, recently I’ve been accepted as an exchange student at Politecnico di Milano, so I’m going to spent academic year 2011/12 in Italy. I’ll happily share this experience with you.

Now it’s time for a bit more personal information. As a designer or any other creative personality, a lot of different stuff should be in one’s head. I’m not an exception! My hobbies are diverse and they include such things as dancing Latin American social dances (aka salsa, bachata, merengue, reggaeton, etc), snowboarding (next winter will be my 4th season), studying languages (at the moment I’m working on improvement of my knowledge of English, French, Italian and Finnish as foreign languages), reading unabridged books in English and French, watching movies, occasionally visiting theaters, musicals (I’m a great fan of French ones), museums and art galleries. I’d like also to mention the fact that I’ve been an international tutor at my university for more than one year now as well as I’m a member of the editorial staff of a student’s weekly published English magazine ‘Insider’.

Copying the title of Burton’s snowboarding video, I’m saying ‘That’s it that’s all’ for now. If you have gotten interested, you may have a look at my portfolio and CV. Enjoy!